Science Club
Math Club
English (Spoken) Club
Music & Dance Club
Art & Craft Club
Swimming Club
Photography Club
Shooting Club
MartialArts Club
Foreing Language Club
G. K. Club
Creative Writing Club
Nature club
Aerobics & Yoga Club
Out door games club
Skating Club
Indoor games club
Horse Riding Club


This DPS has ample provision for entertaining the students every now and then. Documentaries are also screened. There are VCP, TV, and video - projectors to entertain the students to selected programs of educational values. Selected films games sports and social and scientific subjects of educative value only are shown to the boys occasionally.


The DPS provide a wide range of School Club and Lunchtime for our students. These Clubs provide a perfect platform for growing mind and developing bodies.


The School at all times desires to have Your Co-operation and close contact with the teachers of your Ward in order to create an atmosphere that shall be conductive better education of your students. You are your child’s first and most important educator. At DPS we value and appreciate the important role you have to play in supporting your child is developing a positive attitude to School and Learning. At DPS we offer a wide range of Opportunities for parent to actively participate in supporting their children at School. We need your support.


The school library is spacious and well equipped with a wide range of multimedia Cd’s books, journals, magazines in different languages & periodicals catering to the academic needs and curricular interest of the students. They are encouraged to make maximum use of the library facility. The reading room of the library operates even after the school hour.

Our Facilities

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